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Abby has changed my life, I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. I have more energy and stamina, it has improved my football and most importantly I’m a lot more flexible. I look forward to the bespoke, engaging and fun sessions each week. Abby is a really good personal trainer, who comes up with lots of deferent way of training me.
- Blair

Abby has helped us endlessly throughout our training, I couldn’t recommend her enough. Not only has she guided us through our nutrition and helped us get into shape, she is a pleasure to have as our  personal trainer :)
- Gabby & Verity


Abby always has something new up her sleeve to push you that little bit further, not one session is the same either which keeps me going - going to the gym is a chore to me but going to Abby is something I look forward to. Abby does measurements and before/after photos, these really are the confirmation of how good Abby is. I've definitely gained confidence, strength and lost some inches in the time I've trained with Abby and leave my sessions feeling better for it! Thanks Abby!!
- Nikki


I've never wanted to go to the gym.  I'm not motivated enough and I'm certainly not inclined to be amongst those who are 'beach body ready' in an intimidating gym environment.  So when it comes to 'that' sort of exercise I've always thought it was for someone else.  That said, over the past few years I have struggled with a few issues to the point the doctor has 'prescribed' exercise for both my physical and mental wellbeing.  Luckily my partner was seeing Abby and so (at the time) I reluctantly joined her for a fitness session.  I must admit, it has been an absolute revelation and something I wish I'd done earlier!

A year later I am still going and enjoying our sessions!  Abby is an excellent trainer, with a patient nature and incredibly knowledgeable in her profession.  She motivates in a way which makes you want to carry on.

My blood pressure is lower, I certainly feel better in myself and my stamina has improved!

Never been to a gym?  Please don't be put off like I was, because there are people who are willing to help like Abby!

Thank you Abby!!



I'm now into my second year of fitness sessions with Abby and am still making good, steady progress. I found a few dresses at the back of my wardrobe recently that I thought I'd never wear again, just didn't feel confident in them. Anyway, I put them on and was astonished to see a trimmer waist and generally much more toned on my upper half! Also, I wore a sports bra for my last set of measurements, something I would never have considered doing before, as a lady in her fifties! Abby continues to encourage and inspire me. She is always positive and my sessions are always different and tailor-made to suit me and my goals.
- Maggie


I've been going to the ladies Kick Boxing sessions and trained by Abby for the past 8 weeks now. I initially signed up for the first 6 week classes that started back in Jan through to Feb and have continued with the second block of 6 having become a full member at Niko's Martial Arts Academy. Abby is an amazing Coach and I have loved each and every one of her sessions. She's kind, patient, positive and motivational in every way, and is an inspiration. The way she breaks down and demonstrates each sequence is so good. She comes round to each one of us to see how we do and help us to improve and encourages us throughout, adding and showing modifications if we need them. The ladies kickboxing class has very quickly become the high light of my week, falling in love with the sport but also getting to know and train with amazing women, increasing our fitness together but also benefitting mentally. 

Honestly cannot recommend these classes enough.

- Mia


I joined the ladies kickboxing classes over 8 weeks ago at Niko’s martial arts academy and I have never regretted it once.

Abby’s classes are empowering and also fun at the same time. Abby will break down all the combinations and demonstrate them beforehand, then come round encouraging each and everyone of us and providing constructive feedback where needed to help us to become better and better. No two classes are the same so they are never boring. Abby gives everything to the class and is an amazing informative instructor pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves always with a great smile to go with it.

Long may these classes continue, if you are thinking of joining please do. I have not looked back since I joined, feeling fitter every week.

Keep doing what you do best Abby, thank you for making exercise and martial arts great fun whilst getting shredded. So glad I get to punch and kick as hard as I want. Great stress reliever after a tough day in the office.

- Joanne


I first started training with Abby in January 2023 when I signed up for a 6 week ladies kickboxing course. Due to a year out from any kind of exercise after major surgery on my spine I was very nervous about starting any form of exercise but it was also causing anxiety and very low mood and I knew I needed to change my mindset. Wow did it make such a difference. Everything changed after the first week I became hooked I’d forgotten how it felt when you get that feel good rush after training hard. Instead of finding excuses to avoid exercise I was excited to be going to class. My mood changed completely and I  began to feel more positive and motivated.

Abby is a fantastic trainer, she takes time to ensure classes are designed for all levels of fitness and all ages making them fun and challenging for everyone. The atmosphere is friendly and energetic and gives a real feel good vibe and I absolutely love the class!. I’d highly recommend training with Abby she is a lovely person and very professional. She is passionate about her work with you and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise to recovery from injury, and developing tailored training plans to suit what you want and need.

In short I can’t recommend her highly enough!

- Jane


Abby has a great understanding when it comes to striking, and does a fantastic job coaching our ladies only kickboxing. She gives a great explanation on everything she’s teaching, Abby is very encouraging always smiling. Ladies love her session.

- Niko


I have just finished a 4-week  stretching class online with Abby. The difference in my flexibility is amazing, and I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks. Her knowledge in her field is outstanding, and I would highly recommend her.

Thank you, Abby.

- Molly


I look forward to my Saturday morning stretch class with Abby.  It’s a great way to start the weekend & is something we all should do but always find an excuse not to.  Abby is a great motivator & delivers her class with confidence.  I’ve struggled with hip discomfort for some time now & since joining the stretch class weekly I’ve noticed a difference.  Let’s keep stretching!!! 

- Jo



I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend… 2 cups of coffee whilst catching up on the week's events followed by 30minutes of relaxed stretching! Abby always greets us with her positive smiling attitude then calmly takes us through another unique routine, leaving us feeling great and ready to face the day! I can highly recommend the session which is definitely helping me with my mobility… I might even touch my toes come Christmas!!

- Gareth


Abby,   My goodness! I’m so proud to be a member of your gym.  You have been training me for  while now .  We have grown together.  I had a few issues with my knees and neck , but with stretching and exercises you have eliminated the pain.   I’m not your youngest gym buddy, but you make me work out, and I thank you for that.  I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement you give me..  You are a star and a fabulous trainer.  I would recommend  that anyone who wants to get fit, or change their lifestyle,  then Abby will sort you out. 

- Sally



As someone who has struggled with chronic lower back pain, Abby’s suggested targeted stretches have helped treat the symptoms  immediately and consistently. 

The stretches get me mobile again in no time and stop me  hobbling around.

- Dan



I’ve been with Abspire for some time now and recently I have had to change the way I train due to some up coming surgery. Abby has adjusted my sessions and together we have adapted from strength/toning training to gentle stretching exercises that still strengthen my core muscles. Abby has been fantastic with her understanding and knowledge and I feel very safe in her hands that I’m getting the best out of my body and preparing it for surgery. Looking forward to post operative training and I’m sure Abby will have just the plan to build me back up at my own pace.

- Lindsey



After years of struggling being overweight and unfit, I started doing kickboxing classes back in April. It's been a massive boost to my overall health and mental wellbeing and I now do 5-6 classes a week, but I've still struggled with my diet so weight loss has been really slow (far too much contradictory dietary advice on the internet is not helpful!). Abby very kindly put together a 2-week food plan to help me out, and I've really started to see the weight coming off again! Where I lost only half a stone in two months just exercising, I've lost an additional half stone in just one month from following Abby's plan! I still have some flexibility of exactly what I eat, but I can now tailor my meals more each time - eating more protein and varying the amount of carbs. I would have never thought to add in fasting periods to keep my body's metabolism going, but it seems to be working really well for me! Even with a few 'cheat' meals out, I'm still losing weight because I can adjust the rest of the day/week to accommodate them. 

Abby is always so positive and supportive in everything she does - a real cheerleader who genuinely wants to see you to succeed. Thank you for all your help and advice, it's invaluable! x

- Carrie


After a lot of do I don't I I finally plucked up to courage to join Abspire Fitness in January this year. We'll what can I say it's the best thing I have done i feel loads better in not just my body but my mindset also. 

Would highly recommend to others xx



I have been seeing Abby for over a year now and I cannot recommend her enough, I feel more confident, stronger & healthy and that's down to Abby. Abby is a great listener & has great knowledge in all areas and is helping me achieve my goals in a sensible realistic time frame which I will be able to maintain. Thank you Abby.




I've been going to Abby for some time now she is amazing, i'm feeling so much stronger and my whole body shape has change which feels amazing. Abby has also been trialing a nutrition plan out on me and I have lost an amazing 6.5lb in 4 weeks and feel less bloated and a lot healthier. Abby is also a very kind and helpfully person and always  believes I can get to where I want to be with my health and fitness.

- Sam 


Decided I needed some motivation to work on my core and target those areas that brisk walking just cannot reach. A colleague recommended Abby to me and I decided (at the age of 52) to be brave and take the plunge

From the start I felt encouraged, motivated and started seeing results fairly quickly. It's great to have a workout specially designed for you and no two sessions are ever the same. I always come out of my workout feeling much better than when I go in.

I also wore a dress at Christmas, which I hadn't worn for quite some time and felt I looked trimmer in it which gave my confidence a boost!  I really felt I was the best version of me and an old shoulder injury has virtually disappeared. 

I feel confident and motivated to keep going and look forward to achieving more fitness goals this year!  Thank you Abby! 



Abby is a excellent personal trainer, I have been working with Abby on and off for the past year.  A have gained strength, flexibility, learnt new exercies and had fun whilst training. 

Abby has tailored the exercises to accomodate my old injuries (my acl and disc buldge). My core strength is a lot stronger, less reliant on my lower back.

I feel so much better!

- Adil


Abspire Inspires!

Being well into my fifties, unfit and going squidgy around the middle I decided that enough was enough! I started by reforming my diet but knew that this wouldn't make me feel fitter, so I went to visit Abby at Abspire Fitness in her private gym in Longwood. Abby took time quizzing me about what I wanted to achieve and took note of the numerous aches and pains that I 'd managed to acquire since turning 50. Abby also took measurements of my legs, arms, chest and waist to do a before and after comparison. I signed up for 16 sessions which has taken me about 9 weeks to complete. I was never sure what I'd be doing in the next session as Abby mixed things up a lot to keep the process fresh and she has worked me hard (well at least I think so)! The result is that I have lost inches off my waist and am well on the way to turning much of my excess fat to muscle. I feel more confident in myself and my clothes actually fit better!

 I've just embarked on another 16 sessions at Abspire as I feel motivated by Abby and my own improvement to keep making progress towards a fitter, stronger and healthier me!

Thank you Abby!!



I started training with Abby at the end of July. I had just covered from Covid, was piling on the weight and doing very little exercise. I definitely wasn't feeling my best. I had Googled and Googled various local gyms but they all looked quite intimidating and I knew that I would probably give up quite easily.  My sister had started with Abby a short time before and was really enjoying her fitness sessions. She encouraged me to get in touch with Abby which I did and to be honest it's one of the best things I have done. I had done diet after diet and knew that at aged 55 I needed to change things up if I wanted to try and get a bit more healthy. I go twice a week now and always feel better for it, even on a cold and wet night.

My partner has even joined me now and we spur each other on and when my sister's hours allow, she joins us too!  Our blood pressure is a lot lower, our measurements are getting smaller in the right places, our flexibility and suppleness is improving and our stamina is much improved. In addition to all of this, it has definitely enhanced our wellbeing. I am really looking forward to Christmas in the knowledge that once the holiday is over I know that will get back to my fitness sessions and healthy eating. 

Thank you, Abby. 

- Gillian


 I started working with Abby the first week of January 21 having no previous exercise experience at all. I have done two online sessions a week for the last three months and I can honestly say that I’m hookedAbby makes the sessions so enjoyable, it’s amazing what she comes up with to do with just home equipment. The changes in my body, my health and my mind set are insane, Abby pushes me, motivates me and most importantly supports me and is helping me achieve my goals. I have further asked Abby to create a workout plan for me so that I can also train on my own on the days that I don’t have online sessions, Abby didn’t hesitate in helping me and has created now two 4 week plans for me to follow at home which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Abby, thank you, you have changed my life. I can’t wait to get into the gym with you and see what happens over the next few month, you are an utter pleasure to work with. 

I’ve been training with Abby for a couple of years now. It’s a different routine every session and I’ve completed circuits, free weights, resistance bands, Pilates and core work. Abby will push you and keep you going, workouts are tailored to your ability and are never dull. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to break away from the usual running and machine work at the gym. I have mainly participated in a group session with Abby. It’s a great way to keep each other motivated and it’s so much fun. It’s been a great way to connect with my friends during the pandemic. Abby is flexible with times to meet up and will always do her best to accommodate. She can help with diets, aches and pains, everything is covered. Once you start, you will never want to miss a session. Thanks Abby!

- Faz


Abby is an amazing trainer and is always supportive and flexible with her sessions. She takes the time to carefully coordinate a workout plan that is tailored to me and my goals. She spends time not only on helping me through the exercises, but educating me on the importance of core strength and how it can help with my overall performance. I have many old injuries caused from sports and old reckless behaviour, but with two sessions a week from Abby, it is rare I feel them in my day to day life anymore. I have also been part of group sessions with Abby and her style of engagement is fantastic. We have had grouos of upto 6 and she still pushes all perfectly and evenly. She has introduced us all to new exercises and stretches that has given us the ability to push further. 
I am really glad that I chose Abby to work with. So much so that I quite my gym membership to focus on more sessions both on person and remotely during COVID restrictions.



Excellent trainer. Extremely motivating and tailors the sessions to fitness levels of clients. Encourages you to push on when it would be easy to give up. 

- Joanne


I have really enjoyed doing online workouts with Abby over the last few weeks. I expected them to be a little bit easier not having any real equipment at home but Abby really mixed it up for me and I found the workouts both challenging and enjoyable. Every workout was different and focused on different areas using mainly body weight, a band and some small hand weights. I found it really beneficial being able to continue with my training whilst we were in lockdown and It helped both my physical and mental health.
- Sarah

I can’t recommend Abby and Abspire Fitness highly enough! I started online training during lockdown to give me something to do to keep me busy and active. The sessions are very well planned to target different muscle groups and the exercises are varied to keep them interesting.  Abby is excellent at motivation so, even though you are not in the gym, you still push yourself to the limit (and know you’ve worked hard the next day!) If you’re looking for an online personal trainer, then look no further! Thanks Abby.

- Paul


Abby is an accomplished, motivational trainer who from the first evaluation meeting put me in the right mindset to achieve my goals. The sessions with Abby are specifically tailored to my needs and her encouragement, knowledge and positivity make me push myself harder than I knew I could! When we had to change to Zoom sessions I was reluctant but even without the equipment I was still left feeling like I’d had the same great workout. The aches the next day proved that! I would and have highly recommended Abby to anyone who wants to try a personal trainer.

- Carolyn 


The online sessions with Abby were well thought out and challenged me. The sessions progressed as my fitness did. 

Abby was also able to make alternations  to the session to accommodate a foot injury at the last minute, which helped keep on track ,when I would have otherwise slipped behind.

- Dan


Thanks so much Abby for all the workouts during lockdown. They made me feel so much more energised every morning we did them. It got me feeling more awake for the rest of the day. Abby would make us work different parts of our body making us enjoy it even more. If anyone wants to start working out I would fully recommend Abspire. Thank you so much for the training

- Harry


Having spent a life playing sport, running and lifting weights I felt I was reasonably fit but Abby was able to highlight my weaker areas and get me working muscles I didn't even know I had. And all done in a very professional, encouraging and friendly manner. I would highly recommend Abspire to anyone looking to get themselves in better shape. Thank you Abby.

- Paul 


My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our Lockdown personal training sessions . Abby was prompt for planned sessions and made using the online Zoom App seem very easy. The sessions were pitched at exactly the right level , finding the perfect balance between pushing us on that little bit further each time without making it too difficult. Abby was happy to help out with any difficulties or aches and pains we were experiencing,  and kept the sessions fun and engaging throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Abspire to anyone; young or old, novice or experienced. Thank you Abby for helping us get through this otherwise stressful time.

- Allison


Thank you very much Abby for the PT sessions. I really enjoyed doing these as Abby knew what she was going to do with us each session. We would alternate each time and work on a different part so we didn’t feel too tired. It got me feeling fitter, stronger and energised for the day and I never felt like I was being pushed to do something that I felt was too difficult. Abby would always make sure we felt okay and not too achey before and during the workouts, and if we did, she would give us a different exercise to do that wasn’t as challenging. I would highly recommend Abspire to anyone who wants to start working out, or to anyone who already does. Thank you again Abby, I really enjoyed training with you!

- Jemima 


I been training with abby in an online group session and individual sessions as I couldn’t make it to the running track during isolation.  Despite us being in a group she always made it feel like you were being trained individually by checking on each client personally.  Her classes are fun and enjoyable whilst pushing you to the limit at the same time.  Even though she’s my sister, I would definitely recommend her to others! 



Another great online session with Abby this morning...! Been doing sessions with Abby since lockdown 2-3 times per week... don't be fooled if you think you won't get as good a workout from home ... always feel great afterwards, keeps me motivated with healthy eating ... and helps both my physical and mental wellbeing during these crazy times...! Abby is always a pleasure. 
- Heidi 

Since starting my workouts in November I have really enjoyed my classes and I was worrying I wouldn't be able to keep my progress going especially when lockdown began but Abby makes sure we stay positive and i enjoy my workouts twice a week. It feels like she's stood right there with me - she keeps me going - praises me when I feel like giving up and tells me I can do it - Even when I feel like I can't - I love the group workout sessions too and enjoyed seining my friends and my sister on face time for the same workout session - Its been so much fun doing those together - Thank you Abby

- Stacey


I am so enjoying still being able to train during lockdown. If I can't go to see Abby at the GYM then Abby can come to me online. Loving being fit at 50. Thank you Abby from Abspire. xxx
- Lindsey

5 days into lockdown and I was already enjoying my online PT sessions with Abby. I was so worried I wound take 10 steps back with my fitness especially after working so hard since last September to gain my strength & confidence, but honestly the online sessions are amazing. It feels like she's right there with you willing those last 5 press ups out of you. And I was foolish to think workouts would be easier at home, this girl is on fire and makes sure you always get a good workout. its amazing how many exercises can be done without equipment, I only have a 2 x 3kg weights and the variety each session is great. I've done something new each time. Thanks to Abby and her creative thinking, my fitness isn't suffering during lockdown, and is helping to keep me sane during the crazy time. Thank you xxx

- Stephanie


Online sessions with Abspire are helping to keep me fit & sane during lockdown! It feels like we're in the same room as we chat away during workouts. The workouts are always challenging and varied, we use some of my own equipment or items found in the garden. Working online with Abby motivates me to keep going & push that little bit harder. It really is a great service & I'd recommend Abby to anyone x

- Caroline


I came to Abby when I was feeling  low in confidence about myself. I felt I needed to get fit and and feel strong physically and mentally. I have tried going to GYMs before but always felt lost with no idea what to do and so I never stuck at it. My sister recommended Abby and since I have started training with I have gained knowledge, inproved my fitness and I come away feeling better after every session. Abby is so friendly and keeps me motivated throughout my journey. I have stuck with it because she welcoming and make every session enjoyable. I'm starting to get compliments from everyone who can see my results and that motivated me more to keep at it. Thank you Abby.

- Stacey



I have been training with Abbyfor about 9 months now and the progress I've seen is unbelievable regarding my strength and motivation, (despite my poor dieting efforts which is all down to me) she is so kind and friendly and is not scared of pushing me to my limits and has brilliant facilities in her home GYM. Due to social distancing concerns at this time, I have tired and an online session with Abby this morning and it worked amazing and would recommend to anyone, it is easy and still feel motivated from the comfort of my home, which is hard to do normally when you are exercising alone. I'm loving my sessions at Abspire and would recommend to anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with visiting a public gym or want a more personal experience working out. I am excited to carry on with my online sessions with Abby and can't wait get back in her GYM when all is well!

- Heidi


Abby is fantastic, she motivates and encourages you. Having back problems I was a bit sceptical about training, but she tailored my sessions to strengthen my core and gave me exercises to help my back, it has improved a lot and I am starting to feel fitter and more toned now. I would definitely recommend Abspire she is young, friendly, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I really enjoy my training sessions with Abby.



Abby is a brilliant instructor that makes exercising a pleasure and a enjoyment to go to. Each session is different and the benefit is that you feel a better person and have more energy to go about life. Well done abby both my wife and I enjoy each session and we have been going now for over 3 months.

-Adrian & Susan



Just finished training with Abby, the sessions are so motivating and energising. Always look forward to them and feel great (if not a bit sore) afterwards. Feeling so much fitter now. Thanks Abby for all your encouragement.



We are a couple in our early 60's and have just compleated a 8 session plan with Abby for fitness training, we enjoyed it so much we have signed up for a further 16 sessions.

Abby not only is a good instructor but also a good motivator as well and makes the training varied plus is is enjoyable.

-Adrian & Susan


Abby is so great at getting the best out of me, she is professional, encouraging and keeps every session fresh by tailoring to the individual client. She has worked with my strenghs and improved my weaknesses by making me believe in myself. I have started to notice my body changing shape and as I approach 50 I will bw marching forward with a new found body confidence and that I am the best version of me. I can't recommend Abspire Enough.

Thank you Abby xxx



Before I contacted Abby I was in an exercise rut, I tried every fitness going, Zumba, swimming, running, tennis, spinning with each activity there was something missing - I needed someone to push & encourage me to try that bit harder!

My sessions with Abby are at a time convenient to me, in a well presented and equipped personal gym!

The workouts are varied and constantly challenging, Abby really knows her stuff and makes sure I get the most out of each session.

Abby is extremely easy to train with, she always sees the positive in everything & her motivation keeps me going.

I really enjoy our sessions and I know I'm getting stronger with every visit! Weather you're contemplating a change of exercise, increasing your fitness or struggling with an injury Abby with tailor a programme for you, I Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.





Well where do I start!!

Abby has helped change my life around. I have been going to Abspire now for the last 3 months, before I started my PT sessions I was lazy, eating rubbish and I had lost all healthy lifestyle motivation (I hated exercise!!!) I'm now the opposite and I love exercise. I can honestly say hands down she's the best PT I've ever been to. Every session I have is different and always so thoroughly thought out. The professionalism, class and personal nature of each session is Phenomenal. Abby always has the biggest smile on her face no matter if its 7am in the morning or 7pm at night. She is always so motivating and kind. Her gym is second to non with the best equipment that is cleaned between clients.i have recommended Abby to a few of my friends which have all come back and thanked me for recommending her which speaks volumes. Abby what you do and your service you provide is something you should be very proud of! I'm afraid you are stuck with me now!!



"I have a bad back so Abby covered the session specifically for me and my needs. Abby not only told me how to do an exercise, she also demonstrated and told me what the exercise was workingand how it would help me, which developed my understanding and knowledge. I will definitely be using Abby again and would recommend her to anyone."



"Given my health issues Abby also adapted specific exercises to meet my needs. She brings a smile every time which is appreciated."



"It is difficult not to repeat the the same words of praise given by some of Abby's other clients but, at the risk of being repetitive, Abby has been a genuine inspiration to me. Not only is she a lovely person, but her passion to help others achieve better fitness and health through a mindful, personalised programme is very clear. Yes, she pushes you, yes she makes you ache in places that you didn't know existed and yes you have to put some concerted effort in but the rewards are ABSolutely worth it! So much so, that I am signing up to another 8 week programme starting on January 7th 2019. Thank you soooo much, Abby: I am coming back for more!:-) x"



"Abby listened to what I wanted to get out of my training sessions and then tailored a program that I both enjoyed and more importantly was actually achievable. I was so pleased with the results after the 8 weeks that I went to Abspire that I have booked another block of sessions. I never thought I’d enjoy exercising quite so much!"



"Full of fun, energy and enthusiasm, a Fantastic Personal Trainer!"



"BRILL CORE WORK!! Really good sessions, I enjoyed it all!"



"Such an encouraging trainer full of motivation and makes sure you work to your potential Full of fun, energy & enthusiasm! Fantastic PT!"




"Abby was friendly and gave clear instructions and kept me motivated throughout, she was able to give me tips on how to improve - specific to me. I really enjoyed the boxing element which was broken down by lunges and squats to mix it up. I found the resistant part good and when I struggled Abby kept me going! Lastly the shoulder exercise was fab for myself & loved the strength part!!"



"Overall I have really enjoyed all of the sessions because Abby aways chooses a variety of exercises and monitors how you are getting on. I would 100% recommend Abby to be your personal trainer!"



"I have recently completed an eight week , sixteen session course with Abby and I cannot recommend Abspire fitness enough. I am quickly approaching my fifties and thought I was fairly fit, running two or three times weekly, however I was starting to believe that nothing was going to stop the inevitable stubborn middle age wrong I was! In just eight weeks I have lost over 35cm from my arms, legs , waist, hip and chest measurements!

During our initial session Abby discussed my goals and then tailored a specific eight week plan to enable me to progress towards my desired outcomes. The workouts were tough, but through lots of encouragement and motivation ( and a fair bit of giggling) Abby got me through each and every session. This was made easier by the fact that Abby is such a fantastic person to work with... she is both professional and friendly, and it is clear to see from her own physique that she knows exactly how to get super fit!

Abby has created a fabulous gym , perfect for one to one or small group sessions. I sure that Abspire will go from strength to strength and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone, wherever you are on your fitness journey. If you are thinking about it, just give it a go!

Thank you Abby you are totally inspiring!"



"Wow what an amazing 8 weeks I've had with Abby.
Abby has given me the motivation and brought back my love of excersize, over the years I have had a few injuries (old and new) these have stopped me doing excersize as it became to painful and unenjoyable which made me loose confidence in everyway, Abby has been fantastic, with the knowledge Abby has behind her she has shown me a completely different way to excersize with and around my injuries and the difference is amazing. Abby supports, encourages, pushes you to become who you want to be. I really couldn't recommend Abby any higher as she is an amazing PT and one that will help me change my life. Thanks Abby for all you have done and all that we still have to do, looking forward to many more sessions with you xx"




"Abspire is fabulous Abby fully understood what I wanted to achieve. She has motivated me to transform myself into a new healthier me!!! Her workouts are fun and going to the gym no longer feels like a chore."




"Would highly recommend Abspire, very friendly, personal approach and excellent facilities. Gave me the motivation to want to exercise and eat healthier."



"Abby is such a lovely young lady. You really couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer x"



Highly recommend this young lady.



"Overall I have really enjoyed all of the sessions because Abby always chooses a variety of exercises and always monitors how you are getting on. I would 100% recommend Abby as are personal trainer!"



"Abby's session was great last week. She was very friendly and had a lovely manner. It was also nice to do different exercises along with familiar ones.."




"Abby is without doubt a confident tutor who is passionate about PT. Her method is considerate to all & easy to understand. She clearly explains which part of our bodies the exercises are targeting, how we should be feeling & what the benefits will be for us in the future. Everyone is totally at ease under Abbys instruction, her judgment is trusted & demonstrates a genuine understanding towards the different levels of her students. those who wish to remain at the same level, they feel most comfortable with support & those who wish to progress are inspired by her commitment. Abby is a delightful young lady who is exceptionally knowledgeable. Questions are answered with confidence & she obviously enjoys sharing her expertise with other. For these reasons I would truly recommend to all."



"Abby is a delightful PT, pleasant, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She provides professional one to one attention which gives confidence in her clients."



"Abby's instructing has been very clear and helpful at getting me to continue strengthening and maintaining my core strength. Abby is positive and committed."




"I have recently returned back to exercise after 6 months. I found Abby to be confident, friendly and knowledgable about what we were doing!"



"Abby has shown maturity beyond her years and is able to manage a class of all ages with enthusiasm and a desire to do well. I recommend that you take part in one of her classes."



"I was really impressed with Abbys confidence and knowledge of fitness. She made the class interesting and fun, whilst still ensuring we were worked out fully. Abby has a very mature outlook for here age, I found her very encouraging and supportive through the sessions."



"Abby was confident and clear in her instruction, the session was informative and she changed some of the program to fit with other clients needs during the session."




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