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A place where people can come to feel safe and motivated to do well and feel inspired.

Where no one is judged or made to feel uncomfortable, this is a place where you can come and get rid of any stress or emotions you feel and work out and feel amazing when you leave.





Fitness, Health & Motivation Coach
Experienced one-on-one fully certified Personal Trainer and Small Group Fitness Coach

I have worked with a number of people learning about what works well for that individual and how to get the best out of them. Additionally I have worked with a range of people with back problems which I have focused on building their core strength to support their back and have felt more comfortable in day to day activities. I have worked with people who have never been to a gym before or just want to get fitter and we have worked together and they have come away feeling more confident, stronger and motivated.


Fully certified Personal Trainer graduating from the European Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer in Fitness and Nutrition as well as Master Coach in Motivation & Mindset
Level 2 Gym Instructor | Level 3 Personal Trainer
Sport Coach | Sports Massage | Kickboxing Instructor

Experience In:
Personal and Group Training | Power Plates | Hit Classes | Pilates | Back Stability | Athletics | Running Clubs  | Boxing | Swimming Teaching | Lifeguarding | Online Training | Ladies Kickboxing

Why I love my job:
I love my job because I like making a difference and help people feel happy in their own body. I also love the sense that someone has achieved their goals and has the motivation to carry on and feel inspired. I love the people I work with as they are amazing, talented, dedicated. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives and make a difference every day.

How I Started:
I have always had a passion for fitness, spending time being very active, getting involved in many different sports and representing my schools and clubs. I loved the training side of the sports that I took part in as I was able to push myself and others around me. In college I spent two years learning about Sports Coaching and Development, which was really interesting and this is where my passion for fitness really began. At the age of 14, I did my Duke of Edinburgh Award and as part of this I began volunteering at a fitness health centre. This introduced me to a large range of people with different abilities, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed this work experience and I was then offered a part-time job at the centre. This enabled me to continue to work in varying roles and gain lots of confidence and experience. Being involved in a different range of classes helped me to learn a lot about posture and how to make sure the
exercises are done properly so no injuries are caused. This is where I discovered that you could work hard, make a real difference to people’s lives whilst having a lot of fun. I have now worked in this industry for over 4 years and I’m still having fun!

I have always wanted to work for myself, create a business that I could be really proud of and feel that I’d accomplished something that would also benefit others. From my experience of working in the health sector I was excited about developing a career as a personal trainer. Therefore having looked at numerous courses I decided to contact the European Institute of Fitness and arranged to meet Darren Tebbenham at Bryn Tanat Hall to discuss the course in detail. Darren’s enthusiasm and passion for the industry was very exciting and this combined with his vast knowledge made it an easy decision for me to sign up for the Master Trainer program. I subsequently spent an amazing time learning to be the best PT I could and importantly get the best results for my clients. The course covered all aspects of personal training and nutrition and gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge by training clients during evening classes. Subsequently I am now a qualified Master Trainer. The course not only inspired me to want to motivate people to be the best versions of themselves but I really feel I can have a positive influence on the fitness and health industry as a whole.

Studio Owner:
My studio provides the perfect way to most help those who otherwise wouldn't work out or who just feel uncomfortable and intimidated in a traditional gym setting. 


Be the BEST version of YOU
Getting fitter, being healthier, losing weight and being happier starts by taking the first step!

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